The Jana Pickova Lab - Bioactive compounds and lipids

Last changed: 13 November 2023

Our resarch aim to understand of metabolic pathways of different bioactive compounds, including lipids. We work with quality of fish and meat as food in relation to human health. In addition, we work with in vitro models for faiths of compounds.

Ongoing activites

  • Projects on aquafeed development to improve sustainability
    - Cultured oleaginous yeast as lipid source to fish feed 
  • Taste of fish species from different rearing systems
    - “off-flavour” analyses
  • Meat structure and lipid profiles from farmed animals and fish
    - Changes of fatty acids in membranes caused by environmental changes and exercise
  • Cytochrome P450 enzymes and their regulation by different natural and chemical compounds as an experimental tool
  • Fatty acid pathways in experimental trials
    - Fish
    - Mice
  • Metabolomics as a tool to explore the above


  • Jana Pickova, Head of unit
  • Sabine Sampels, Senior lecturer
  • Mathilde Brunel, PhD student


  • Elisabeth Müllner- Moazzami
  • Viktoriia Burkina