About SLU Global - a background

Last changed: 21 September 2022
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The United Nations member states have committed to Agenda 2030 with its 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) to tackle the global challenges and transform our world. The Agenda is universal and indivisible, and eradicating poverty and leaving no one behind are at its core. It is closely connected to several international agreements including the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

SLU, with its mission to develop knowledge and capacity for sustainable management and use of the biological natural resources through research, education and environmental monitoring, has an important role to play in the global implementation of Agenda 2030. SLU’s international engagement spans more than half a century and is aligned with Sweden’s Policy for Global Development. SLU’s work for global development is guided by the policy for SLU’s contribution to the global implementation of Agenda 2030.

SLU is ranked as the world’s third best university within agriculture and forestry (QS ranking) and has been awarded five stars by STINT for our work with internationalisation.