Bilateral cooperation with Rwanda

Last changed: 24 August 2023

The collaboration between the University of Rwanda (UR) and SLU is broad and a long-lasting one.

Already from 2013, UR and SLU have been collaborating within Sida's Research Partnership Training Programme within a subprogramme in agriculture. Several PhD and MSc students graduated within this first extensive collaboration between the two universities.

Currently, and within the new phase of Sida’s bilateral programme with UR, SLU is involved in five different subprogrammes, broadening the collaboration and becoming a key partner of UR in their efforts to contribute to the Rwandan agricultural and rural transformation, but also supporting UR’s institutional administration capacities. The current sub-programmes within Sida's Research Partnership Training Programme 2019-2024 where SLU participates are listed below:

Integrated agricultural production systems: an obliged path towards one-health, sustainable agriculture and healthy food production.
SLU: Co-leader, SLU contact person: Abraham Joel

Engendering rural transformation for sustainable development.
SLU: Co-leader, SLU contact person: Linley Chiwona-Karltun

Strengthening capacity for sustainable bioenergy, waste management and air pollution control in Rwanda.
SLU: Partner, SLU contact person: Cecilia Sundberg

Undernutrition - an interdisciplinary programme focusing on children and their mothers.
SLU: Partner, SLU contact person: Ewa Wredle

Research support to Rwanda through the University of Rwanda Library Services - “Library research support”.
SLU: Partner, SLU contact persons: Linda Vidlund

Overarching coordinator SLU: Anna-Klara Lindeborg, SLU Global