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Get involved

Interested in global questions? There are many opportunities for you to put your interests for a more sustainable and equal world into practice, both in your studies and professional life but also through networks online.

SLU is a world leader in research addressing global issues and are strongly integrated in the Swedish government's work with Agenda2030. 

International career

Interested in an international career? Global development involves numerous of interesting areas. Many organisations, companies, municipalities and other public organisations are working with the joint Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Students on field trip

Internships/Trainee positions

An internship abroad can give you the opportunity to expand your skills and expertise to work in a global context. A well-executed internship can give you an increased chance to get employed within the multilateral, bilateral and regional development cooperation.

International studies

Studying abroad can give you great international possibilities in acquiring experience as well as sharpening knowledge in a specific subject. 

Jordklotet, illustration.

Global network

Having the right connections can be crucial both to obtain information about existing job offers and be able to get the right job for you. Cultivate relationships by participating in networks and meetings where international issues are discussed. 

Published: 21 February 2022 - Page editor: agnes.bondesson@SLU.SE