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Last changed: 24 February 2022

SLU Global is a knowledge partner in the initiative Agriculture Innovation Mission for Climate - AIM for Climate. AIM for Climate was launched during COP 25 in Glasgow 2021 and is a joint initiative by the Unites States and the United Arab Emirate.

The initiative seeks to address the climate crisis by uniting participants to significantly increase and accelerate investment in, and/or other support for, climate-smart agriculture and food systems innovation over five years (2021 – 2025). There is a need for the agricultural and food production sector to find new technologies, products and approaches to mitigate and adapt to climate change while supporting growth and jobs.

There are three types of partners in AIM for Climate: Government Partners, Innovation Sprint Partners and Knowledge Partners. SLU Global joins the initiative AIM for climate as Knowledge Partner to promote agricultural innovation for climate. The aim is to increase the engagement of SLU researchers in agricultural innovation efforts focused on adaptation and mitigation of climate change. The partnership will improve the possibilities for international collaborations through networking and knowledge sharing, and also dissemination and implementation of innovations. 

From AIM for Climate Terms of Reference


1) Increase Investment: Demonstrate collective commitment to significantly increase investment in agricultural innovation for climate-smart agriculture and food systems by its participants over five years (2021-2025).

2) Enable Coordination and Collaboration: Support frameworks and structures to enable technical discussions and the promotion of expertise, knowledge, and priorities across international and national levels of innovation to amplify the impact of participants’ investments.

3) Increase Cooperation: Establish appropriate structures for exchanges between Ministers and chief scientists, and other appropriate stakeholders, as key focal points and champions for cooperation on climate-related agricultural innovation, to engender greater co-creation and cooperation on shared research priorities between countries.


AIM for Climate participants are encouraged to engage in the below activities:

1) An annual high-level/Ministerial meeting to reaffirm political commitments to agricultural innovation and highlight upcoming investments and emerging priorities.

2) Annual discussions of top priorities for global agricultural innovation between participating ministries and bodies across government partners.

3) Identification of innovation sprints for co-creation and coordinated funding initiatives between interested participants.

4) Coordination with other relevant initiatives to avoid duplication and to promote the objectives of AIM for Climate.

5) Joint communications (e.g., editorials and social media) to promote AIM for Climate and its objectives.

6) Independent and voluntary reporting on annual spending and resource allocation for agricultural innovation in support of the AIM for Climate goal.

Raising global ambition and driving more rapid and transformative climate action in all countries – including by enabling science-based and data-driven decision and policy-making – will be key. In this way, AIM for Climate will help create a surge of solutions and together we can enable a quantum leap in agricultural innovation, empowering agriculture to be part of the solution to address the climate crisis and create co-benefits of climate action.

Read more about AIM for Climate here.

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