Last changed: 17 April 2020

Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI) is a multi-­sectorial network offering an open and interactive platform for exchange on global issues around food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

SIANI has 1,600 active members and is a partner to SLU Global. They work to advance knowledge and best practices that enhance food security and sustainable agriculture. One of the thematic areas, SIANI Youth, aims to engage young people and professionals interested in the Sustainable Development Goals and topics related to agriculture and food security. SIANI offers traineeships either through FUF or by contacting the secretariat directly.

SLU and SIANI together host the biannual Agriculture for Development Conference (Agri4D) at SLU's campus in Uppsala. Read more and register to Agri4D 2019; Zero Hunger By 2030: Our Shared Challenge! Drivers of change and sustainable food systems.

Interviews with reserachers at Agri4D 
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