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Evaluation of SLU-Vietnam collaborations 1977-2018

An evaluation of SLU’s research and capacity development collaborations in Vietnam was made from October 2019 until the end of February 2020.

Biogas digesters

Thanks to joint research between SLU and Vietnam, the technology of biodigesters were developed. Today, the use of biogas digesters in small households is common all over Vietnam. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the waste from livestock can be used in an efficient way.

By-products as animal feed

The use of locally produced by-products for animal feed have reduced the waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and at the same time increased the nutrition and protein in feed for pigs and other animals.


Forestry research in Vietnam

SLU and Vietnam have had several research projects in different areas during the years. After the opening of Vietnam 1986 a joint collaboration started within tree breeding. The main focus was to breed fast growing species for reforestation and economic growth.

Tree plantation Vietnam


Here you can find interviews with people involved in the SLU-Vietnam collaborations and the evaluation.

International collaborations – the key to tackle climate change?

Read a blog post with reflections from the seminar on 22 September, where the evaluation report was presented and discussed.

Woman giving speech

Why do we collaborate? The next chapter of SLU – Vietnam collaborations

Read a blog post from the workshop on 1 October. The purpose of the workshop was to create new possible networks and exchange knowledge between researchers, teachers and others at SLU and in Vietnam.

SLU-Vietnam events in the past

During two half-days in September and October 2020, there were one seminar and one workshop, both held online, where the evaluation and future possible collaborations were discussed further.

About the evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation was to learn from these past collaborations, and identify and document results generated through them. Focus of the study was on initiatives within the sectors relevant to agriculture, rural development, and forestry. The time scope for the study was 1977-2018.

Published: 22 September 2022 - Page editor: Agnes.bondesson@slu.se