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SLU focuses its contribution to Agenda 2030 on six areas that reflect the university’s mission and strengths. All areas are interlinked, and contribute to several SDGs. Central to our research are goal conflicts, trade-offs and synergies inherent in the SDGs and the different dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental. Welcome to explore our prioritised areas!

Climate change

Climate change fundamentally impacts all parts of society and adaptation needs to be at the core of development.

Food security

Food and nutrition security are linked to quality and diversity of agricultural production, productivity, market access and functional value chains.

Circular and biobased economy

Sustainable use of natural resources is fundamental for the transition to a circular and biobased economy.

Biodiversity and ecosystems

Biodiversity, on land and in water, is lost at an alarming pace; the consequences for ecosystems and ecosystem services, critical for the existence and well-being of humans, are complex and insufficiently understood.

Global health

Urbanisation, climate change, altered livestock systems and inadequate water management are drivers for evolving health risks from zoonotic diseases, geographic expansion of disease vectors and microbiological and toxicological threats.

Urban sustainability

The ongoing rapid urbanisation affects both urban and rural areas and the drivers, dynamics and consequences of these processes need to be better understood.

Published: 12 January 2023 - Page editor: malin.planting@slu.se