Bilateral cooperation with Ethiopia

Last changed: 26 November 2019

SLU is actively engaged in bilateral cooperation with Ethiopia, financed by Sida. The agreement period for this programme between Sweden and Ethiopia is 1 July 2018 - 30 June 2023. The main focus during the current agreement period lies on research capacity building.

SLU is involved in one sub-programme on Biotechnology for Environmentally Safe and Sustainable Food Security and Green Development of Ethiopia.

The objective is to train Ethiopian students at PhD and MSc level in modern biotechnology and to develop capacity for research. The project will be a collaborative effort between SLU and Addis Ababa University (AAU) and aims at utilizing the country’s biological resources to develop novel products and services. Students will carry out their research in a sandwich mode and will be jointly supervised by staff from both partner universities. A total of six subprojects encompassing agricultural, industrial, health, and environmental biotechnology are identified. Under each subproject specific PhD research project titles are identified and PhD students will employ cutting edge biotechnology tools to address their specific topics.

Find more information about the Addis Abeba University-Sweden Research Cooperation Programme, Support to research training and capacity building at Addis Abeba University 2018-2023. (International Science Programme, Uppsala University)


Other cooperation
SLU is together with the Swedish Forest Agency and Eco Innovation Foundation supporting Ethiopia’s efforts to capacitate its forest sector. The Swedish team is lead by researchers from SLU. Read more here.