Methods and search strategies

Last changed: 04 August 2021

The lists of publications relating to the SDG:s have been generated through searches in the databases Web of Science, Scopus, and the SLU publication database.

Update in progress.


The searches are based on the description and targets for each goal, as described at the Sustainable Development Goals Knowledge Platform and the results have been manually curated. The timespan for all searches is from 2008 up to present day. 

A database search can not find everything and sometimes finds too much; thus we invite everyone to comment on the lists, whether you are aware of relevant research that we have missed, or if you think we have included publications that do not belong to the selected area. 

The altmetrics are from and based on the publication lists. The co-publication analyses are also based on the publication lists but restricted to those of the publications that can be found in Web of Science and a treshold is applied to restrict the amount of collaborating institutions shown. The information on Open Access is retrieved from

To see the exact searches used for each goal to generate the publication lists, please click on each goal in the below list. 

SDG 2, Zero hunger

(TS=(malnutrition or undernutrition or "protein deficien*" or "micronutrient deficien*" or (vitamine near/1 deficien*) or ((wast* or stunt*) and (growth or height or length or weight) and (child* or baby))) OR TS=((food or nutritio*) and (secur* or safe* or sustainab* or resilien* or sufficien*)) OR ts=("food insecurity" or FIES) or TS=("food produc*" or "agricultural productivity" or "food value chain*" or (sustainab* near/2 agricultur*)) or ts=((("genetic diversity" or "genetic resource* or bank*") and (seed* or breed* or crop* or "farm* animal*" or "domestic* animal*" or livestock)) or "local breed*") or TS=((rural* near/2 infrastructur*) or (agricultur* near/2 (research or "extension service*" or "export subsid*" or "trade restrict*"))) OR ts=(food near/2 (market* or commodit* or access or information or reserves or reserve or price))) AND OG=swedish university of agricultural sciences

SDG 3, Good Health and Wellbeing

(TS=(((alcohol or tobacco) near/2 (use or consumption)) and (harmful or disorder)) OR TS=("traffic" and (accident* or injur* or death*)) OR TS=(vaccination or vaccine or vaccines or ((antimicrobial or antibiotic or drug or multidrug) near/1 (resistan* or resisten*))) OR TS=((pollut* or unsafe* or hazard* or contaminat* or poison*) near/5 (water or sanitation or hygiene or substance*)) OR TS=("cardiovascular disease" or cancer or diabetes or "chronic respiratory disease" or suicid* or "mental health" or "well-being") OR TS=((mortality and (maternal or neonatal or premature or newborn)) and (woman or women or child*or  toddler or infant or baby or babies or boy or girl)) OR TS=(("early warning" or "risk manag*") and ("health risk*" or "health emergenc*")) OR TS=(tuberculosis or malaria or "tropical disease" or hepatitis or "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" or "human immunodeficiency virus"))

AND OG=(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

SDG 5, Gender Equality

TS=(gender* OR feminis* or equalit* or unequalit* or trafficking or "child marriage*" or "forced marriage*" or "sexual abuse" or "genital mutilat*" or "reproductive health" or "reproductive right*" or "unpaid housework" OR ((female or woman or women* or girl*) AND (discriminat* or violence or exploit* or participat* or contribut* or leadership or ownership or inherit* or empower* or entrepeneur* or educat*))) AND (OG=("swedish university of agricultural sciences"))

SDG 6, Clean water and sanitation

(TS=((pollut*  or  hazard*  or  hygiene  or  sanit*  or  poison*  or  contaminat*)  near/3  water)  OR TS=(((water  near/2  ecosystem*)  or  wetland  or  wetlands  or  aquifer  or  lake  or  estuar*  or  groundwater  or  freshwater)  and  (protect* or restor* or extent* or conserv* or recharg* or transform* or destruct*)) OR TS=("drinking  water"  or  "potable  water"  or  (water near/2 quality))  OR TS=(wastewater  or  waste-water  or  "water  harvesting"  or  "water  efficiency"  or  "water  scarcity"  or  "water  resource*"  or  "water  shortage*"  or  (water near/2 manage*))  or  TS=((reuse  or  re-use  or  recycling  or  re-cycling  or  desalin*)  near/2  water)) AND OG=(Swedish  University  of  Agricultural  Sciences)

SDG 7, Affordabel and clean energy

TS=(energy  or  electricity  or  fuel)  AND  TS=(clean  or  sustainab*  or  efficiency  or  efficient  or  intensity  or  saving*  or  bioenergy  or  afford*  or  reliable  or  access  or  renewable  or  electrifi*)  AND  OG=(swedish  university  of  agricultural  sciences)

SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities

TS=(urban* or city or cities or town* or settlement* or village* or "peri urban")

AND TS=(housing or transport or "road safety" or slum* or planning or manag* or design or "land use" or "cultural heritage" or "natural heritage" or disaster or waste* or water or sanitation or sanitiz* or air or ((public or green or open) and space*) or (building* and (resilien* or sustainab* or "resource efficien*" or "local material*")))

AND OG=(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) 

SDG 13, Climate Action

TS=((climate near/2 chang*) or "global warming") AND OG=(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) AND TS=(adapt* or resilien* or polic* or strateg* or educat* or awareness or mitigat* or "impact reduction" or "early warning" or (impact near/1 climate) or (effect* near/1 climate) or predict* or sustainab* or govern*) AND OG=(Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

SDG 14, Life Below Water

TS=(sea or ocean* or marine or maritime or aquatic or aquaculture or coastal or fish*) and TS=("Oceanographic Commission Criteria" or "marine technology" or pollution or debris or ecosystem* or restore or restoration or resilien* or acidification or overfishing or overcapacity or subsid* or govern* or sustainab* or biodiversity or "biological diversity")and OG= (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences).

SDG 15, Life on Land

(TS=((forest* or wetland* or dryland* or mountain*) near/2 (sustain* or intact* or conserv* or restor*)) or TS=(deforestation or afforestation or reforestation or desertification) or TS=((soil or land) near/2 (degrad* or deterior* or erod* or erosi* or restor* or improv* or rehab* or stabili*)) or TS=((biodiversity or ecosystem*) near/2 (impact* or preserv* or loss* or threat* or conserv* or protect* or reduc* or chang*)) or TS=((species or wildlife) near/2 (extinct* or poach* or traffick* or protect*))) AND (OG=("swedish university of agricultural sciences"))


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