Forestry research in Vietnam

Last changed: 13 July 2021
Tree plantation Vietnam

SLU and Vietnam have had several research projects in different areas during the years. Forestry research is one of them. After the opening of Vietnam 1986 a joint collaboration were started within tree breeding. The main focus was to breed fast growing species for reforestation and economic growth in the country.

After Vietnam opened up 1986, research projects were able to establish in the country. Already before, Sweden was known for its expertise in tree breeding, so a research project were started as a joint collaboration between the Institute of Forest Tree Improvement and Biotechnology (IFTIB), SAREC, SLU and the Forestry Research Institute of Sweden (Skogforsk). A few students came to Sweden for MSc and PhD studies in forestry research. They all have important positions within the area today.

"The objectives of the project were to contribute to efficient reforestation with fast-growing, economically valuable tree species, by setting up tree nurseries for breeding hybrids and developing tissue culture technology. The focus for several years was tree breeding and the development of clones of acacia and eucalyptus." - Evaluation of SLU's research and capacity collaborations with Vietnam 1977-2018.

To spread the knowledge today about forestry research in Vietnam, IFTIB often invites government officials and farmers to the demonstration sites to show and spread the results, how profitable it is to plant these trees and how fast they grow.

"Wood of acacia hybrid generated from this project is now widely used for pulp and timber to produce furniture or domestic use and export." Evaluation of SLU's research and capacity collaborations with Vietnam 1977-2018.

Today the collaborations within forestry research are still running, even though Sweden is no longer a part of it after phasing out the support. Australia and other Southeast Asian countries are now the main partners.