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SLU Youth Institute has two new laureates!

We now have two particurlarly prominent students who get the chance to participate in Global Youth Institute this autumn, hosted by World Food Prize Foundation.

Johanna and Smilla submitted well-designed theses in which they proposed well-thought-out and sustainable solutions to difficult global challenges. According to the experts, they also presented their solutions with great commitment in the roundtable discussions. They are therefore this year´s SLU Youth Institute laureates. Congratulations!

New cook book!

Hungry? Maybe you can find some delicious recipies in this book! Or else it might inspire you writing your Global Challenge.

Honorary doctor at SLU receives the 2021 World Food Prize

Congratulations to Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted who will receive the 2021 World Food Prize for her improvement of aquatic food systems for enhanced nutrition and resilient ecosystems. Dr. Thilsted was appointed honorary doctor at SLU's Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences in 2020.

Is planting trees always good? - Emil

Sustainable choices in the store - Linn

Food cultures and farming methods - Magdalena

Published: 12 January 2022 - Page editor: agnes.bondesson@slu.se

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