Last changed: 21 November 2023

Handling of sensitive information at the Ruminants clinic

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is responsible for the processing of personal data at the Ruminants clinic. The contact person at the Ruminants clinic is:

Jean-Francois Valarcher,, 018 - 67 19 29

and the data protection officer at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences is:

Anna Jarmar,, 018 - 67 22 75.

Collection of personal and contact information

Personal and contact information for animal owners and referring veterinarians is collected for the purpose of record keeping and further communication. Journal texts including personal and contact information may be stored for up to 20 years, as all stored information may be used in research and education at SLU.

If necessary, the the Ruminants clinic discloses personal data to, for example, veterinarians, pharmacies or external laboratories in connection with the treatment at the clinic.

Since SLU is a public authority organization and must therefore comply with the regulations that exist regarding public documents and authorities' archives, personal data may also be disclosed to those who request public documents from the clinic, if a review shows that confidentiality does not apply.

Requests for limited personal data

Under certain circumstances, you have the right to have your personal data erased, rectified, restricted or to object to its use. If you have any questions about the use of personal data, please contact SLU the Ruminants clinic by email at or the Integrity and Data Protection function at SLU by email at or by telephone on 018 - 67 20 90.

If you want to read more about how SLU processes personal data, more detailed information can be read here and if you are dissatisfied with the processing of personal data within SLU, you can turn to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's.