Enabling management control under farm-level carbon targets: action research and advisors’ role (StyrKA)

Last changed: 16 November 2023

Swedish farmers face increasing societal expectations to contribute to climate change mitigation and need to find economically viable ways to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Knowledge on the planning- and other control tools for ensuring farm profitability under transition to lower climate impacts is particularly needed.

This project studies the practices of designing and using tools and practices to set targets, plan and follow up on GHG emission reduction in tandem with economic planning in Swedish dairy farms. Through action research and mixed qualitative and quantitative methods, with farmers and advisors we plan to:

  • Identify knowledge gaps and best practices on farm-level GHG emission reduction planning tools and targets
  • Design targets and/or planning tools for farm-level GHG emission reduction;
  • Analyse management control practices that help farmers steer towards these targets alongside economic considerations during operational and strategic decisions;
  • Explore how advisory services can address potential knowledge gaps and farmers needs of tools to reach climate and economic objectives.

If you are a farmer or an advisor interested to participate in this research project contact Uliana Gottlieb.

Project news and deliverables:

13.09.2023 - A stakeholder workshop with international presenters was conducted in Malmö, gathering examples and perspectives on GHG emissions reduction planning and target-setting at farm level.

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