Improve rainforest restoration with us

Last changed: 27 April 2023
Researchers and INIKEA staff lined up at a rest area in a forest clearing.

We welcome researchers, students and funders who wish to improve rainforest restoration with us.

Some of the advantages we can offer are: 

  • Unique experiments of restoration approaches with native species from tree to stand level.
  • Skilled and experienced forest rangers that can help researchers.
  • The infrastructure for staying shorter or longer periods in the village of Luasong and inside the restoration area.
  • Access to nearby old-growth forests of Maliau Basin and our improved natural forest managemnt experiment (called the SUAS experiment) as a reference.  


Researchers: help us assess the potential of native rainforest restoration and management

With our research, we aim to evaluate the potential of restoration and forest management of native rainforests to provide multiple values such as mitigating climate change via carbon sequestration and biodiversity, at the same time as economic benefits. We want to communicate this novel information to scientists, practitioners, and policymakers to aid the transition to a sustainable bio-based economy.

We welcome researchers from all fields interested in contributing to these aims to come and work with us.

Under our general aim, we are presently doing research within four themes:

  • What is the contribution of enrichment planting and assisted natural regeneration after 20 years of restoration and beyond? 
  • What is the potential of restored forests compared to industrial plantations and conservation? 
  • What is the potential of using native trees in restoration and in forest management? 
  • How can we manage natural rainforests to reduce degradation and the need for restoration? 

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The research

We assess the potential of native rainforest restoration and management to deliver multiple benefits.

Two people measure a plant in a rainforest.

Master's student: Do your thesis with us!

Do you want to create knowledge that can make a real difference? Take the opportunity to write your thesis in the area where we have been evaluating the restoration of degraded rainforest for more than 25 years.
Here you can find your own topics to research or contribute to the knowledge base of ongoing projects.
We welcome students from all disciplines.

Interested? Please contact Ulrik Ilstedt for more information.

Previous master's theses

Here you can find examples of some previous master's theses done in the project:


Funders: support essential research to help restore rainforests

Are you a funder, organisation or company interested in supporting our research to improve restoration of degraded rainforests?
Please contact us!


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