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This part of Nordic Nature Health Hub is made for everybody who wants to deepen their knowledge of animal-assisted and nature-based health research and know more about its results as well as conditions and challenges.

These pages about research are written by:

Åsa Ottosson.jpg

Åsa Ottosson is a journalist, author and lecturer with the importance of nature for health as a specialty. She has written four books on the subject: Naturkraft, Lugn av naturen, Trädgårdsterapi och Närmare naturen




Portrait Ann Dolling

Ann Dolling is a senior lecturer and researcher and has been working for 10 years interdisciplinary on and how human health is affected by staying in forest environments and how this knowledge can then be used in various activities such as nature and health entrepreneurs, lifestyle changes and when deciding on forest management methods.






Published: 02 February 2023 - Page editor: elisabet.bohlin@slu.se