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Forest landscape biogeochemistry

Forest landscape biogeochemistry includes the hydrology and biogeochemistry of forests, wetlands and surface waters and the speciation, mobility and bioavailability of carbon, nutrients and metals.

Our major research objectives are oriented towards understanding the

  • biogeochemical transformation and cycling of energy
  • water
  • carbon
  • nitrogen and other elements in the boreal landscape

We work across spatial scales from the molecular level to the landscape level. At the landscape level, both forest, mire and stream ecosystems are included as well as how the role of landscape heterogeneity affects biogeochemical cycling. On the molecular scale, we identify the mechanistic processes involved in the biogeochemical transformation of elements and their environmental controls.

Much of our research focuses on the exchange processes between ecosystems, the atmosphere and the hydrosphere. An important tool in our research is close access to a number of intensively instrumented research field sites. 


For more information contact 

Hjalmar Laudon, 

Head of department,

Professor Department of Forest Ecology and Management, joint staff

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Department of Forest Ecology and Management 

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