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Comprehensive peat map of the forest land

Predicted thickness of the organic layer

Comprehensive information with a high degree of detail

The product is a joint processing of map data from Lantmäteriet, SGU and SMHI as well as field data from Markinventeringen.


The peat map was developed by Anneli M. Ågren, Eliza Maher Hasselquist, Johan Stendahl, Mats B. Nilsson, Siddhartho S. Paul at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU in Umeå and the Department of Land and Environment, SLU in Uppsala.


The maps are produced by Anneli Ågren and Yiqi Lin, Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU in Umeå.


The financiers include:

  • The Swedish Forest Agency
  • Formas
  • The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Anneli Ågren

Image of Anneli Ågren, photo: Helena Granqvist


Anneli Ågren 
Forskare vid Institutionen för skogens ekologi och skötsel; Akvatisk landskapsanlays
Telefon: +46907868365, +46727144792
E-post: anneli.agren@slu.se
Published: 24 November 2022 - Page editor: tejshree.tiwari@slu.se