Training programme “Energy wood harvest in the forest management process”

Last changed: 31 March 2021

The training programme “Energy wood harvest in the forest management process” is intended for private forest owners, societies and associations, forestry companies or enterprises, as well as those employed in the forest sector. It has been developed within the framework of the Baltic For Bio (Accelerating the Production of Forest Bioenergy in the Baltic Sea Region, project number # R058) project under WP 3 work package activity GA 2.3.

The aim of the training is to provide a broader insight into the role and potential of energy wood and educate forest owners, entrepreneurs and those involved in the forestry sector on the use of felling residues and small wood in energy production.

All materials are provided in Latvian because most of the topics are related to specific issues and regulations relating to Latvian forest owners and entrepreneurs, including global-scale information and data. Nerveless, the Forest Advisory Service Centre of the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre, has created a description of each presentation so that the project partners have an insight into how they can design the training program for their target audience. One platform has also been created in English with a description of the training program and will be supplemented over time.

The training programme consists of two parts - theory and practice. To create it an innovative approach with a distance learning platform has been used. Consequently, the theory is available to the target audience in the Internet environment which ensures the acquisition of knowledge at any time and place. The theoretical material is designed for two different target groups - forest owners and entrepreneurs involved in the forest sector.

The themes of the presentations are repeated in both programmes, but with specific nuances, since basic knowledge is necessary for both audiences. More specific aspects are included in the programme which is intended for companies. The distance learning platform contains various types of materials that make the learning process more interesting and versatile. It is often difficult to give all the information in one presentation, therefore by adding audio files to the respective slide, more information can be included and acquired. Additional reference materials are also included, such as user manuals in video format, as well as other materials from the project results, such as handbooks, videos, reports and summaries.

A detailed description of the training programme can be found here.

Links to access the training program:

Here, you can access instructions on how the material can be learnt independently. 

If you have any questions regarding the training programme "Energy wood harvest in the forest management process", you are kindly requested to contact forestry consultant Ms Elvira Grasmane from the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre Ltd.  (