International forestry projects

Last changed: 18 May 2020
Projects completed or ongoing 2010-2016 
  • Albanian National Forest Inventory Capacity Building, ongoing World Bank funded Project 2016 -2019. Joint Venture involving SLU and the Swedish Forest Agency.
  • Growth Climate and Equity - addressing the impact of competing interests in forest plantation policies for sustainable development, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia  (Sida and Formas, 2010-2012). Read more: Department Annual Report 2014, sida 17  eller International Forestry Review 17(1), sidorna 98-111.
  • Strengthening institutional capacity in the forest sector of Nicaragua promoting the collection of information and the National Forest Programmes process. (Sida, Forest Initiative, 2010-2012). Read more: Department Annual Report 2010, sida 17.
  • Knowledge Reference for National Forest Assessments (Sida, Forest Initiative, 2010-2012). Read more: Department Annual Report 2011, sida 17.
  • Swedish experiences of the Bai Bang Pulp and Paper Mill Project in Vietnam, the largest and most contested Swedish development project ever. Input to a review coordinated by the Secretariat for International Forestry Issues (SIFI 2012-2013). Read more: SIFI Newsletter (No. 11) May 2013.
  • Institutional Partnership for Improving Forecast Capacity in Vietnam’s Forest Sector (Sida, SLU, FIPI Vietnam 2012-2013). Read more: Department Annual Report 2013, sida 16.
  • Teachers training project on Forest Scenario Modeling at Hawassa University, Wondo Genet College of Forestry and Natural Resources, Ethiopia (UD, SLU 2014). Läs mer i SLU-Global Report 2015:7, sida 98-100.
  • Integrated methods and approaches for assessing changes in tropical forest land use, its drivers and impact on society and the environment with local applicability (continuously running since 1997 within frames for various projects). Read more: Department Annual Report 2012, sida 17 eller INTECH, Precious Forests - Precious Earth, sidor 259-277.
Projects completed 2005 –2010


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