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We work with: Research in remote sensing of forest and vegetation, Environmental monitoring and assessment, mostly national maps, Education in remote sensing and GIS Support for SLU's GIS activities

Undergraduate and Master Studies

We conduct teaching in Geographical Information Technology (GIT) and Remote Sensing.

 Four people study together in SLU's library in Umeå. Photo.

Remote Sensing Laboratory

A resource for collection and processing of remote sensing data. A meeting place for students, researchers and companies.

The building SLU Umeå in winter landscape from above. Photo from drone.

National Forest Estimates

An important part of remote sensing is to continuously develop methods for producing national raster databases with estimated variables.

GIS Support

Support to users of GIS software and spatial information (geodata). Internally within SLU.

Map of the Nordic countries. Image.

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning measures positions on objects using light pulses. Measurement coordinates are used to calculate forest area statistics and estimate different forest parameters.

A point cloud of trees from the side, laser sanning. Image.

Digital Photogrammetry

Digital photogrammetry is the creation of three dimensional (3D) point cloud data by applying image matching to overlapping digital images.

Photogrammetric point cloud over forest landscape. Image.

Optical Satellite Images

Satellites with optical sensors generate images of the Earth over relatively large areas and are useful in the production of vegetation maps or to estimate specific vegetation parameters.

Satellite image of Umeå. Image.


Radar using satellites as a platform can be used for mapping forests across large areas. The technology is similar to lidar (laser scanning) using electromagnetic waves but is less affected by e.g. cloud coverage.

TanDEM-X, satellitradar. Credit EADS Astrium.
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Forest Remote Sensing, Department of Forest Resource Management

Area Manager: Ruben Valbuena, ruben.valbuena@slu.se
Section Manager: Jonas Bohlin, jonas.bohlin@slu.se, +46907868640

Postal address: Department of forest resource management, SLU, S-901 83 Umeå
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå, Sweden