Internal information for employees at the Department of Molecular Sciences

Last changed: 13 October 2021

Useful information for the members of the Department about computers, lab safety and framework agreements can be found here.

Information about computers

New to the Department? Register a User Account in the right way!

You must ask your supervisor, another manager or administrative staff help you get an account for our computers. Remind the person that you who are working at the department must be a member of the AD group 'AD\kembio-alla'. This is often forgotten and then you do not have access to all services and information! All the information below assumes that you already have arranged an AD user account with a password and that you are a member of the AD group 'AD\kembio-alla'. With your AD user account you will be able to log on almost all computers on SLU!

Virtual Workspace

At the Department's virtual workspace, you can find a searchable list of chemicals, calendars for instruments booking and other information for employees of the Department. In addition, electronic lists are available where student results from labs, tests, exams etc. shall be entered.

Travel agencies in framework agreement with SLU

New travel information, updated 14 December 2016
We have a framwork agreement with the travel agency Egencia. Information on how to book your trip is available here.

Lab safety

Please follow these rules and instructions in the links below:

Important information

Shipping address:
Ulls väg 24 E
SE-756 51 Uppsala

Invoice Address:
SLU Fakturamottagning
Box 7090
SE-750 07 Uppsala

Request 30 days terms of payment, type the contact of the consignment and indicating internal payment reference (425xxx) / where xxx is replaced with the appropriate three-letter code /.

Organization number:

VAT nr: