Last changed: 18 November 2021

Autophagy (“self-eating”) is a major catabolic process in eukaryotes that involves the sequestration of cytoplasmic contents into double membraned vesicles known as autophagosomes, which are then transported to the lytic vacuole for degradation so that they can be repurposed. Autophagy acts as an intracellular recycling system, playing critical roles in plant development and defence against various forms of environmental stress. Through the implementation of innovative strategies and development of new technologies to study autophagy, we aim to further unravel the underlying mechanisms controlling this vital process with agricultural significance.

This research is supported by the Carl Trygger Foundation, Formas, and C4F.

Autophagy illustration

Ongoing collaborations

Stina Berglund-Fick (Umeå University / Chemical Biology Consortium of Sweden)

Kim Boutilier (WUR - Wageningen University & Research)

Erik Chorell (Chemical Biology Consortium of Sweden)

Kris Gevaert (VIB – Ghent University)

Glenn Hicks (University of California, Riverside)

Weixing Qian (Chemical Biology Consortium of Sweden)

Selected publications

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