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We offer courses at basic and advanced level in Soil science, Biology and Environmental science and PhD training in Soil Science. 

Undergraduate studies and Master's studies

The department of Soil and Environment offers courses in Soil science, Environmental Science and Biology. Courses in English are mainly within the master's programmes.

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PhD training

You can join a postgraduate education in soil science. The subject is multidisciplinary and includes specialisations such as soil biology, soil chemistry, soil physics, water quality and water management.

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The Department of Soil and Environment is environmentally certified.

Contacts at the Department of Soil and Environment

Head of Department: Johan Stendahl, 018-67 38 01 
Deputy Head of Department: Mattias Lundblad, 018-67 22 26
Administrative Manager: Britta Lästh, 018- 67 25 56
Communications Officer: Amanda Öberg, 018-67 30 43

Mailing address: Department of Soil and Environment, Box 7014, 750 07  Uppsala, Sweden

Billing address: SLU Fakturamottagning, Box 7090, 750 07  Uppsala, Sweden

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