Lanna research station

Last changed: 20 June 2024
A yellow mansion, photo.

We perform field experiments and environmental monitoring for different universities and organisations.

Lanna research station is a field station owned and run by SLU. Field experiments are perfomed mainly witin different research projects. There are several long-term experiments involving soil and plant nutrition issues as well as leaching that has been used in several research projects over the years. There are also several leaching facilities available to researchers both within and outside SLU. In addition, we have facilities for the measurement of nitrous oxide emissions, which are owned and used by the University of Gothenburg.

With support from Västra Götalandsregionen, we are currently investing in new advanced experimental equipment and a detailed soil survey at Lanna.


Lanna försöksstation
SE- 531 93 LIDKÖPING, Sweden


Sofia Delin, Research Leader
Lanna Research station, SLU, 0511-67235