Biogeochemistry of Forest Soils

Last changed: 22 August 2018

We study the interactions between chemical, biological, geological and/or physical processes governing element cycling (e.g. carbon, nitrogen) in forest soils. For example we study greenhouse gas emissions, mineral weathering and nitrogen leaching.

Our research goals are to advance knowledge of:

  1. Biogeochemistry of forest soils in different environments (climate, soil type, etc.)
  2. Human impacts, such as land-use, management, climate change and nitrogen deposition on biogeochemical processes.

We are conducting research in the following areas:

Furthermore, the unit Biogeochemistry of Forest Soils is engaged in under- and postgraduate education and environmental monitoring. The unit is responsible for the Swedish Forest Soil Inventory and The national assessments of greenhouse gas emissions from land-use.

The research unit Biogeochemistry of Forest Soils. Photo: Cajsa Lithell.

Research Group

Johan Stendahl (deputy chair)

Associate Professor, Researcher

Environmental assessments, e.g. impacts of land use on green-house gas balances, mineral nutrient supply of forest soils. Heading Swedish Forest Soil Inventory, participates in QWARTS.


Annemieke Gärdenäs

Associate Professor, 

Carbon and nitrogen processes of terrestrial ecosystems  – impacts of land use, management, N deposition and climate. Process-oriented modelling Impress- and  Cleo-member.


Erik Karltun

Associate Professor, Researcher

Impacts of land-use and environmental changes on soil functions. Participatory research in development- oriented context. Impress-member.


Lars Lundin


Soil science, soil hydrology and hydrochemistry of the forest landscape and wetlands, especially peatlands.


Mats Olsson

Professor Emeritus

Impacts of land-use and management on soil processes.



Monika Strömgren

Associate Professor, Researcher

Cycling of carbon, nutrients and greenhouse gases in forest ecosystems – impacts of changing climate and/or forest management.

Researchers and analysts


Elve Lode

PhD, Researcher

Hydrology of surface waters and wetlands.


Mattias Lundblad

PhD, Analyst

Responsible for the international reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals from the land use sector. Climate policies.


Torbjörn Nilsson

PhD, Researcher

Water, carbon and nutrient fluxes in forested mineral and peatland soils – impacts of wood ash and forest liming.

Post-docs and research assistants


Kristina Mjöfors

PhD, Research Assistent

Carbon dynamics in forest soils - Effects of site preparation and stump harvest.



Ola Löfgren

Research Assistent,

Swedish Forest Soil Inventory


Gunnar Odell

Research Assistent,

Swedish Forest Soil Inventory



Workneh Bedada Chala

PhD Student

Participatory plant nutrient management in the highlands of Ethiopia.



Linnea Hansson

PhD Student

Impact of forestry operations on soil physical properties in regeneration areas.



Johan Iwald

PhD Student

Spatial and temporal trends in soil acidity in Swedish forest soils.


Sabine Jordan

PhD Student

Greenhouse gas emissions and hydrochemistry of rewetted peatlands.

Martin Rappe George

PhD StudentNitrogen leaching from forest soils – effects of forest management, nitrogen deposition and climate change Cleo-member.



Anna Wennberg, Secretary


Associate Professor Johan Stendahl

Department of Soil and Environment, 018-673801


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