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At the Department of Soil and Environment the course Independent project/degree project is offered in the following subjects: Soil Science, Environmental Science and Biology.

Working procedure



The Department of Soil and Environment has no common guidelines for the headings, fonts and text size in reports of the independent work. But feel free to use the template available on SLU University Library page.

Front page and title page

You do not need to create the front page and the title page yourself. See below under the heading "When the report is complete".


The report should begin with an English abstract. Read about what an abstract should include on SLU University Library pages.

Popular science summary

After the abstract, the popular science summary follows. Read about what distinguishes a popular science summary from an abstract on SLU University Library pages. Place the popular science summary after the abstract.

Table of contents and page numbering

The table of contents follows after the abstract and the popular science summary. This means that abstract and the popular science summary should not be mentioned in the table of contents. Let the page numbering start on the page containing the Introduction. Let page numbers be centered on the pages because some blank pages might be added. The report is prepared for two-sided copying. 

Information search, reference management and relevant sources

 See the SLU library's pages "Getting ready for your thesis". 


Learn about reference management on SLU University Library pages. Please use the Harvard system. 

Document size

The document size should not exceed 5 MB. 

When the report is complete

When the report is reviewed for plagiarism by "Urkund" and approved by the supervisor and the examiner the supervisor sends the text as a PDF file in A4 size, to who prepares the front page and the title page according to the guidelines of the Department of Soil and Environment, and merges the parts together.

Keywords and subject areas

Write 5-7 keywords associated with your essay. Words from the title should be avoided because search is already done on the words in the title. The keywords will be included on the title page of the report.

Classify your report in max three of the subjects in the list at The subject areas should describe the contents of the document. The topics are fed in conjunction with Epsilon reporting and are used to search reports in different areas. The subject areas are not included in the report.

Send your keywords and the subject areas to

Picture at the front page

Picture for the front page (optional) is sent as a separate high resolution jpeg file to Write a caption if it is relevant and indicate who took the photo and what year.


After the student's result of the course is reported in LADOK the report is deposited in Epsilon (SLU's digital archive of dissertations, student projects, etc.) by the department. You will find your report published there a day or a week later.

Oral presentation

The presentation can be carried out whenever it suits everyone involved, except between Christmas and New Year holidays and during the month of July when the examination should not be done according to examination regulations at SLU

Jointly organized presentations will be held in late spring 2019. Director of study Magnus Simonsson books room and makes a schedule for presentation and opposition according to dates booked by student or supervisor.

The presentations are arranged for independent projects registered at the department of Soil and Environment. However, an opponent registered at another department is welcome to attend, if the Soil and the Environment student state it in his or her application for the seminar. And if you change services in opposition, presentations of work performed by other departments are also welcome. However, the work carried out at Soil and the Environment has first priority if the presentation schedule becomes full. 

Structure of the seminars

1. Introduction ca 5 minutes (the supervisor introduces the student and the examiner, and for work at advanced level also the opponent)
2. Presentation ca 20-30 minutes
3. Opposition ca 15 minutes (only advanced level)
4. Questions/discussions ca 15 minutes (questions from the examiner and the audience)
5. Break 15 min (before the next seminar) when the opponent will get feedback. The break can also be used for the examiner and the student to go through the report together.


The masters course also includes oral opposition on another student's report. 

Participation in seminars

At the bachelor level, it is compulsory to attend at least two other students' presentations.

"The form to report presence at another student's presentation of the independent work" is submitted to the supervisor.



2018-10-18, at 9.00 in Ekoln (B4052), MVM house
Åsa Larsson
Title: Nutrient concentrations before and after the Focus on Phosphorus project
in E23 catchment
Supervisor: Magdalena Bieroza
Nicholas Jarvis


André Johansson
Title: Analysis of the circulation of plant nutrients in a biogas production system
Helena Aronsson
Holger Kirchmann

2018-09-19, at 14.15 in Biosfären (B2069), MVM house
Hanna Williams
Title: The effect of soil management on soil health - an on-farm study
Supervisor: Thomas Keller
Examiner: Bo Stenberg

Eline Goossens
Title: Size detection limits of single particle ICP-MS for analysis of
nanoparticles in environmental media
Supervisor: Geert Cornelis
Examiner: Dan Berggren Kleja

Elias Bäckström
Title: Long-term application of digestate and biofuel ash to arable soil - Effects on the solubility of Cd, Al and trace metals as evidenced by scenario modelling
Supervisor: Jon Petter Gustafsson
Examiner: Dan Berggren Kleja

Christian Sigtryggsson
Title: Dissolution rates of nitrogen mineral fertilisers – effects of moisture and precipitation 
Supervisor: Karin Hamnér & Holger Kirchmann
Examiner: Lars Bergström
Opponent: Emil Larsson

Maja Bladh
Title: Näringsläckage från hästhagar – kunskapsglappet mellan forskning och näring
Supervisor: Helena Aronsson
Examiner: Anna Mårtensson

Danira Behaderovic
Title: The environmental performance of Swedish food production
Helena Aronsson
Examiner: Lars Bergström (Magnus Simonsson stand-in at seminar)
Opponent: Frida Erlöv

2018-05-29 Johan Knutsson
Title: Strukturkalkens effekt beroende på olika åtgärder
Supervisor: Kerstin Berglund
Examiner: Ingmar Messing
Opponent: Louise Malmquist

2018-05-29 Lisa Jörblad
Title: Kalkningens påverkan på växthusgasemissioner från odlad torvjord Supervisor: Kerstin Berglund
Examiner: Lars Lundin

2018-05-29 Andreas Mattsson
Title: Effekt på växthusgasutsläpp vid sandinblandning i torvjord Supervisor: Örjan Berglund
Examiner: Lars Lundin

2018-05-29 Louise Malmquist
Title: Water Productivity and Water requirements in food production –   Examples from Ethiopia, Tanzania and Burkina Faso
Supervisor: Jennie Barron
Examiner: Ingmar Messing

Emil Larsson
Title: Strategies for acidification of animal slurry in storage
Supervisor: Sofia Delin
Examiner: Bo Stenberg

Elin Laxmar 
Title: Kartering av kadmiumhalt i matjord med portabelt röntgenflourescensinstrument
Supervisor: Jan Eriksson & Mats Söderström
Examiner: Bo Stenberg
Opponent: Ellen Stolpe Nordin

Julia Dahlqvist
Title: How are arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi affected by application of
waste-based fertilizers on spring wheat?
Supervisor: Sigrun Dahlin
Examiner: Thomas Keller

Caroline Lindgren
Title: Utsädesbehandling med fosfor och zink för att förbättra uppkomst samt tidig tillväxt hos åkerböna, oljelin och majs
Supervisor: Karin Hamnér och Eva Stoltz (HS konsult AB)
Examiner: Holger Kirchmann

Christina Hultman
Title: Abundance of root nodules on common bean, Phaseolus vulgaris – a comparison between Swedish fields with and without a recent history of common bean cultivation
Supervisor: Georg Carlsson, institutionen för biosystem och teknologi
Examiner: Björn Lindahl

Fabian Ringdahl
Title: Hur bra är dagens rekommendationer för markkartering? Förändringar av fosforhalter i svensk åkermark över tid
Supervisor: Karin Hamnér, Malin Lovang och Johanna Wetterlind
Examiner: Bo Stenberg

Cornelia Mesmer
Title: Comparing the diffusive gradient in thin film (DGT) with water and P-AL extraction and assessment of extractable soil P required for maximum cereal yield
Supervisor: Holger Kirchmann
Examiner:  Jon-Petter Gustafsson

Jonna Wiklund
Title: Effects on soil fertility and plant performance from different soil amendments and weeding strategies - a
field study from Kisii, Kenya
Supervisor: Sigrun Dahlin
Examiner: Holger Kirchmann

Henrik Roth
Title: Strukturkalkningens effekt på eutrofiering – En litteraturstudie om strukturkalkning som åtgärdsmetod för minskade fosforförluster från jordbruksmark
Supervisor: Åsa Myrbeck
Examiner: Lars Bergström

Jonte From

Title: Fracking - is it worth the risk?
Supervisor: Torbjörn Nilsson
Examiner: Lars Lundin

2017-05-29--30 Several presentations

Joakim Hermansson 
Title:CO2 emission från torvjord
Supervisor: Örjan Berglund
Examiner: Lars Lundin

Erik Siggelin
Title: CO2 emission från Gotländska torv och blekejordar
Supervisor: Kerstin Berglund
Examiner: Lars Lundin

Jorunn Falkenhaug
Title: Remediation of contaminated sites within development projects in Uppsala - A study of current working procedures and practices
Supervisor: Dan Berggren Kleja
Examiner: Jon-Petter Gustafsson

Vilhelm von Unge
Title: Markfysikaliska och kemiska förhållanden i integrerade monitoringområden i jämförelse med Sverige nationellt
Supervisor: Lars Lundin
Examiner: Jon-Petter Gustafsson

Elin Laxmar
Title: Skördeeffekter av biokolstillsats och kompletterande gödsling i två fältförsök
Supervisor: Erik Karltun
Examiner: Holger Kirchmann

Patrik Svanström
Title: Utsädesbehandling med mineralnäring för att förbättra uppkomst och tidig tillväxt hos vårraps
Supervisor: Karin Hamnér 
Examiner: HolgerKirchmann

Ann-Sophie Heldele
Title: Solubility of arsenic in Swedish contaminated soils - experiments and modelling
Supervisor: Jon Petter Gustafsson
Examiner: Dan Berggren Kleja

Hannes Keck
Title: 'Imaging (of) the 3D distribution of cation adsorption sites in undisturbed soil', using 3-D X-ray tomography.
Supervisor: John Koestel
Co-supervisors: Bjarne Strobel (University of Copenhagen) & Jon-Petter Gustafsson
Examiner: Nicholas Jarvis
Opponent: Ann-Sophie Heldele 

Lovisa Bergkvist
Title: Grund vårbearbetning till oljeväxter för bättre vattenhushållning
Supervisor: Åsa Myrbeck
Examiner: Ingmar Messing

Marius Tuyishime
Title: Sequential phosphorus extraction using Fe (hydr)oxide filter strips
Supervisor: Jon-Petter Gustafsson
Examiner: Dan Berggren Kleja

Thomas Elwing
Title: Sojaböna
Supervisor: Anna Mårtensson
Co-supervisor: Fredrik Fogelberg, JTI
Examiner: Bo Stenberg

Ahmad Muhammad
Title: Quantifying the relationships between X-ray imaged macropore structure and saturated hydraulic conductivity
Supervisor: Nicholas Jarvis
Co-supervisor: John Koestel
Examiner: Ingmar Messing
Opponent: Maryia Babko

Maryia Babko
Title: What is the impact of entrapped air on the measurement of saturated hydraulic conductivity of soil?
Supervisor: John Koestel
Examiner: Nicholas Jarvis
Opponent: Ahmad Muhammad

Helene Puehringer
Title: Effects of different quality bio-char on soil fertility and soil water retention in on-farm experiments on small-holders’ farms in Kenya

Supervisor: Erik Karltun
Examiner: Ingmar Messing

Hilding Tornerhjelm
Title: Grund bearbetning på våren till våroljeväxter- ett sätt att öka markfukten och odlingssäkerheten
Supervisor:  Åsa Myrbeck
Examiner: Ingmar Messing


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Department of Soil and Environment

Former Department of Soil Sciences

Former Department of Forest Soils

Information for supervisors and examiners

Who can be examiner for the independent project?

All examiners must have completed the SLU course about marking criteria,"Betygskurs".

New independent projects

Send proposals for new independent projects to Use the Word template and enter suggestions for title of the project, number of credits, level, subject, programme if applicable, start time, short description of project and supervisor's name and contact information. The department's list of proposals is found at Available projects.

At the start of an independent work

The supervisor and the examiner should inform themselves about

Forms to be filled out

The supervisor, the student and the examiner fills out the registration form and work plan plan together. The independent project must be in accordance with the objectives in the syllabus and the programme guide lines. Remember to update the work plan during the work if necessary. The document with work plan is stored at the department's course secretariat.

Document template for the report

The Department of Soil and Environment has no common template for headings, fonts and text size in student reports. Students are encouraged to follow SLU templates found at SLU Library  pages.

Plagiarism review

The supervisor is responsible for reviewing the student's report for plagiarism in Urkund. The student sends the report to the supervisor's e-mail address in Urkund. Do you have no Urkund address or have you forgotten your user information? Contact Urkund's support, see information on the Urkund web page.

Announcement of the oral presentation

At the joint joint seminars with presentations the directors of studies are responsible for the program, room booking, and advertising in the department's calendar on the intranet and inform everyone on the department by email.

At the individual seminars the supervisor is responsible for advertising in the department's calendar, on the intranet and to inform all of the department by email.

Advertising should be done a week before the presentation and should include the student's name, title of the project, time and location of the seminar, supervisor, examiner and opponent.

Date of the common oral presentation sessions and suggestions for layout and timing, etc. are available under the tab Oral presentation.

Completion and examination

The supervisor and the examiner fills in "Form for reporting results of independent work," and put it in the post shelf "Kurssekretariatet" or leaves it directly to Gertrud Nordlander when all compulsory parts of the course are completed. 

Digital publication of the report

When the student's final report is approved by the supervisor and the examiner it shall be published in the publication series for independent work of the Department of Soil and Environment.

The supervisor sends the report approved by the examiner and for plagiarism reviewed in PDF format to She provides a series number and in collaboration with the student makes the front page and title page, according to department's template, and join them with the text.

One copy of the report is archived at the department by the course administrator and the student can
get two copies if desired.

Ongoing independent projects

Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018
Bachelor level

Kajsa Hillberg: Multifunktionella skyddszoner - minskade fosforförluster och andra ekosystemtjänster
Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018

Teng Hour: Fasta körspår - effekt på växtetablering och markfysikaliska egenskaper
Scheduled time for presentation: 

Johannes Kikuchi: Determination of P fractions in lake sediment cores and comparative studies with model
Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018

Åsa Larsson: Nutrient concentrations before and after the Focus on Phosphorus project in E23 catchment
Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018

Elizabeth Lövstaf: Markpacknings påverkan på rotutveckling och näringsupptag
Scheduled time for presentation: September 2018  

Master level

Susanne Alexandersson: Predicting soil structure formation due to plant water uptake as a function of transpiration rate and the soil physical environment 
Scheduled time for presentation: January 2019

Olof Engle: Comparison of the risk of P-leaching after application of anaerobically digested food waste and mineral P-fertilizer
Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018

Hanna Falk:  Olika filtermaterial vid jordbruksdränering
Scheduled time for presentation: January 2019

Oskar Gustafsson: Varierad utsädesmängd - Optimerad utsädesmängd mot textur
Scheduled time for presentation: autumn 2018

Ebba Hellstrand: Fosforläckage från hönsrastgårdar - Hur kan fosforbelastningen från hönsrastgårdar bedömas. En inventering i Östergötland.
Scheduled time for presentation: January 2019

André Johansson: Analysis of the circulation of plant nutrients in a biogas production system
Scheduled time for presentation: September 2018

Felix Peniche Fuentes: Identification of critical sediment source areas and delivery pathways from LiDAR DEM
Scheduled time for presentation: September 2018

Anika Pinzner:  Testing the feasability/reliability of using a portable XRF to quantify deposition of toxic elements in snow
Scheduled time for presentation:

Hanna Williams:  The effect of cropping system diversity on soil health
Scheduled time for presentation: October 2018

Thesis Day 30 May 2018

On Thesis Day 30 May 2018, you are given the opportunity to present your degree project at a poster exhibition and in an oral presentation. The day ends with a ceremony for you, our future alumni.

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