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Krycklan Catchment Study (KCS)

A unique opportunity for integrating projects in water quality, hydrological, and ecological studies across boreal landscapes

Map of krycklan catchment

The Krycklan Catchment

Krycklan is a watershed located in the boreal region of northern Sweden in the county of Västerbotten. Krycklan is a tributary to the national River Vindelälven which starts in the mountain range, crosses Sweden and enters the Baltic Sea near Umeå.

Krycklan is a 6780 ha watershed catchment running through a mosaic of wetland and lakes that are interspersed throughout the forest landscape.

The catchment area is partly located within the Svartberget experimental forests (in Swedish) which was established in 1920th by the Swedish forestry service and is today a unit of the Swedish University of Agricultural Science.

Hjalmar Laudon

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Published: 15 November 2023 - Page editor: tejshree.tiwari@slu.se