Contacts for BSSC at SLU

Last changed: 15 January 2024

Interested in knowing more about how SLU contributes to the Baltic Sea Science Center (BSSC)? Please get in touch with any of the persons listed below.

Experts in "Kunskapsrådet" for BSSC at SLU

The exhibition gallery content and the activities at the Baltic Sea Science Center are developed by Skansen and a team of experts (Kunskapsrådet) from SLU, Stockholms University and Stockholm Vatten och Avfall.

The role of the experts in Kunskapsrådet is to guarantee the scientific quality of the exhibition, and that its content is in line with the current state of knowledge. The experts are also responsible for the cooperation and engagement in BSSC of other scientists in the subject area, as well as other relevant actors, both nationally and internationally.

Elin Dahlgren, SLU. Elin Dahlgren

Environmental monitoring and assessment specialist and researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources. Coordinator for SLU's participation in the BSSC.

Heena Aronsson, SLU.Helena Aronsson

Senior lecturer at the Department of Soil and Environment and external collaboration specialist in nutrient management.


Ann-Katrin Hallin, SLUAnn-Katrin Hallin

Science editor at the Division of communication, SLU.


Other participants


Hanna Bergeå, SLUHanna Bergeå

Researcher at the Department of Urban and Rural Development.


Jens Olsson, SLU. Jens Olsson

Researcher at the Department of Aquatic Resources, coordinator for SLU Waterforum and Vice Dean at the NJ Faculty at SLU.