Deborah Muricho, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Last changed: 18 December 2018

I am a Master's student from University of Nairobi, Kenya. I attended Agri4D to present a paper on pastoralism under the sub-theme of Land under dynamic changes. The paper is part of the research I did in West Pokot County in Kenya.

- Agriculture is actually very important, especially for developing countries since the economies of developing countries are agricultural-based. In my own country Kenya, agriculture employs over 70 % of the population. To develop as a country, we need to develop agriculture. Those two can’t be separated, agriculture and development go hand in hand.

- My take-home message is that we can learn a lot on partnerships. Usually we say three P’s (Public Private Partnerships) but in this conference, I learned about the fourth partnership as being people. Our indigenous people, the farmers, the grassroot community levels also have to be brought on board as we discuss the development agenda. That will help in formulating people’s specific projects and development ideas, which will lead to more sustainable projects and more sustainable development.

- For the next Agri4D conference I would like to see how we can focus our efforts on how we can bring out the people’s aspects, what people actually need for development. So we can have like a people movement for sustainable development in agriculture.


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