SLU Global Annual Report 2015

Last changed: 29 June 2017

This is the first annual report for SLU Global. Here you can read about our activities and achievements in 2015, but also get glimpses on how the unit has developed since its launch in 2012.

In 2015 the African Union Commission Chair, Her Excellency Dr Dlamini-Zuma, visited SLU. She stressed the role of agriculture in the fight against hunger and poverty, but also as a driver for developing economy and livelihoods and adapting to climate change.

European cooperation for more collective and coordinated research cooperation for glo- bal development in low-income countries is accelerating, and in the past year SLU has taken on a key role in this development.

In 2015, SLU has developed our research training partnerships further, entering new cooperation in Tanzania and renewing and increasing cooperation with partners in Ethiopia and Mozambique.

Welcome to experience some of the highlights of the past year in these pages. Welcome also to discuss with us how we can jointly develop in years ahead.


SLU Global

Agricultural Sciences for Global Development