International thesis work assessment template

Last changed: 18 December 2023

Read the instructions before applying. You will find the application form at the bottom of the page.


  1. Upload a description of your project. It should be thorough, logically structured and well-written in English. Upload it as pdf, maximum five pages including references.
    The description should include:
  • Background information of the chosen country, location and research topic.
  • Objectives and research questions of the project.
  • Relevance of the study (provide an overview of the relevant academic research in the area)
  • Proposed data collection and analysis methodology.
  • Relevant ethical, safety and logistical considerations. Is an ethical permit required? Are there safety risks or concerns to address? Will you need access permits to any locations or facilities?
  • Describe how your project relates to one or several of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Timeline for your entire project, outlined in a week-by-week overview of all the important steps you plan to take during your field study. You can allow time for getting to know your new surroundings and facilities.
  • A simple budget for the field study. It should include the different costs you expect to have during the study, and the incomes you will have (e.g. this scholarship, CSN contribution, additional scholarship, personal contribution)
  • Alternative plan: In case your study cannot be conducted as initially planned, please describe how you would go about changing your project plan if it needs revision while in the field (based in your country of visit). What are your alternatives and resources available? For example contact with academic supervisor, contact in the field, laboratory equipment, alternative interviewees, reconfiguration of survey material etc.
  1. Upload a letter from the supervisor at SLU

The supervisor for your thesis work should confirm the theoretical and professional suitability of your study with regard to your education. The supervisor should mention whether the study has been accepted as a thesis or not. The letter should be signed. Note that the supervisor should review and accept the project description before you submit it with your application.

  1. Letter from supervisor in the concerned country

This letter shall state that the supervisor in the concerned country will provide general advice regarding the study, introduce the student to people who may be of help, as well as assist with logistical concerns. It should be signed and include her/his affiliation and contact information.

  1. Copy of Passport


Application form

The data you enter here will be processed by SLU to administer your registration or visit. Read more about the processing of personal data on

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