Global leadership programme

Last changed: 30 January 2024

Leadership for Transformative Change is a programme designed for leaders in organisations in any societal sector working for societal transformation towards sustainability. The programme is built on co-creation, where the participants’ needs, ideas and challenges are important building blocks.

The programme offers a framework of high-level contributors from Sweden’s most prestigious universities, private and public sectors, and NGOs. Along with co-creation, the uniqueness of this programme lies in a belief in teams of transformation agents – hence, you must apply in pairs. The responsibility for large-scale, long-term societal transformations cannot rest with individuals; it is a collective task.

The programme aims to provide leaders motivated for systems innovation and transformative change with knowledge, tools and a network for a sustainable future.

Leadership for Transformative Change is free of charge for all participants and available to countries listed here.

Read more at the Uppsala University web.