Evaluation of SLU-Vietnam collaborations 1977-2018

Last changed: 11 September 2020

An evaluation of SLU’s research and capacity development collaborations with Vietnam was made from October 2019 until the end of February 2020.


The purpose of the evaluation was to learn from these past collaborations, and identify and document results generated through them. Focus of the study was on initiatives within the sectors relevant to agriculture, rural development, and forestry. The time scope for the study was 1977-2018.

The evaluation was conducted by a consultant with expertise from Swedish development cooperation, research development cooperation, evaluations and Vietnam. Several data-collecting methods were used. Data were gathered via sources such as publication databases and other public available databases and sources. The consultant carried out a web-based survey targeted to Vietnamese MSc and PhD graduates within these collaborations. She conducted interviews with key people at SLU that had been involved in collaborations with Vietnamese actors, with Vietnamese MSc and PhD graduates, senior researchers and other staff which had been part of the collaborations or others that were expected to have benefited from the collaborations.

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Previous activities SLU Vietnam:

November - December 2019:

Evaluator Solveig Freudenthal, was in Vietnam to meet with participants in past and present SLU-Vietnam collaborations. She started her visit in Hanoi 19 November, and then continued to Hue 26 November, she arrived to Ho Chi Minh City 1 December, and stayed in Can Tho from 3 to 6 December. 

Alumn events 8 November in Hanoi and 11 November in Ho Chi Minh City. Contact slualumn@slu.se for more information about each event.

Study in Sweden Days in Hanoi 9 November 2019 and in Ho Chi Minh City 10 November 2019. Vietnamese students were able to mmet with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences at the Study in Sweden Days.


About data collection and processing

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