Workstream 3: Transition support model in countries

Last changed: 05 June 2024
Intensive agriculture in the outskirts of the city Pasto in Nariño Centro

Creating empirically tested support models for the sustainable transformation of national agrifood systems, using participatory and science- based decistion-making.

In Colombia, Sierra Leone, and Bhutan, Workstream 3 supports stakeholders’ engagement toward more sustainable aquatic and agri-food systems following a methodology paving the way to institutional and policy reforms. The three countries were selected by DG INTPA based on their participation in the food systems assessment exercise and EU Delegations’ interest in the SASi initiative’s contribution to SAAFS transformation.

SASi-SPi Workstream 3 works with country studies in close collaboration with the FAO team, the corresponding European Commission and local stakeholders in three countries. This work stream is coordinated by CIRAD, France.

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