Partnerships: Urban sustainability

Last changed: 12 April 2021
Urban environment in Africa

The ongoing rapid urbanisation affects both urban and rural areas and the drivers, dynamics and consequences of these processes need to be better understood.

Facing the consequences of climate change, such as extreme weather events and sea level rise, urban landscapes, as socio-ecological systems, prompt transdisciplinary research on the planning, design and management of urban spaces, including green infrastructure, in order to create sustainable and inclusive cities.


Strengthened Institutions for a Sustainable Climate

The programme aims to tackle challenges posed by climate change, sustainable urbanisation, growing emissions and explore viable adaptation potentials. Starting in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Zimbabwe, the programme aims to spread to other countries/regions and strive towards long term cooperation between the partner countries and Swedish authorities.

Critical Urbanities

A student and teacher exchange between SLU Landscape and FADU-UBA Urban Design, Buenos Aires, Argentina, with the aim of advancing critical knowledge for fragile urban water landscapes and devising methods for improving socio-spatially fragmented urban areas characterised by changing water regimes

Bilateral programmes for capacity development



SLU research by SDG

Urban sustainability is linked to several of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Here are examples of SLU projects contributing to specific SDG targets within the area:

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