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Last changed: 15 December 2017

Here you will find contact information to the department management, a full staff list and how to find us.

Department management

Head of department

Hjalmar Laudon, +46-90-786 8584

Deputy head of department

Åsa Boily, +46-90-786 8408

Assistant head of department, graduate studies

Tommy Mörling, +46-90-786 8516

Assistant head of department, postgraduate studies

Michael Gundale, +46-90-786 8427

Assistant head of department, young researchers

Lars Östlund, +46-90-786 8442

Assistant head of department, premises & security

Mats Öquist, +46-90-786 8525


Gun-Marie Johansson, +46-90-786 8403

Administrator, Economy

Ann-Kathrin Persson, +46-90-786 8385

Administrator, Personnel

Ulf Renberg, +46-90-786 8580 


Kyungjin Kim, +46-90-786 8272


Elisabeth Degerstedt, +46-90-786 8324


Staff at the department

Getting there

Umeå is just an hour's flight away from Sweden's capital city, Stockholm, with connecting flights to major cities around the world. Three competing airlines, Scandinavian Airlines and Norwegian flies from Stockholm Arlanda Airport and BRA  from Stockholm Bromma Airport. Umeå City Airport is located only 10 minutes drive from the University and the city centre. Other options is to go by train , car (700 km from Stockholm) or ferry  (from Vaasa, Finland).


If you are staying for just a few day's it's advisable to book accommodation in advance. Different accommodation alternatives and other information for the Umeå region is given by the Regional Turist Office.

Find us

Once in Umeå our university building is located at the same campus as Umeå University and you'll find us on 3rd and 4th floor.

More information about SLU in Umeå


Mailing address

Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, 901 83 Umeå, Sweden

Visiting address

Skogsmarksgränd 17



+46-90-786 8163


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