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Postgraduate Studies

The PhD education at our department covers a range of research areas spanning basic research on fundamental ecosystem processes to applied research within forest management.


Getting to the root of the problem during fieldwork in Borneo with Arvid Lindh. Photo: Ulrik Ilstedt

Arvid Lindh getting to the root of the problem

Lab incubation experiment of fungal mycelium colonizing over soil and the litter bag. Photo: Aswin Thirunavukkarasu

Fungal studies

Virginia Mosquera preparing for water sampling during mosquito season in boreal landscapes. Photo: Alejandro Gándara.

Mosquito field work

About Us

Currently, there are approximately 20 PhD students in the department who are supervised by senior researchers working within a wide range of research areas. Each student has a primary advisor and at least one co-advisor.

Techniques and Resources

As a PhD at the department of forest ecology and management, you will have access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and instruments, mentorship by researchers in natural sciences, ecology and the forest sciences, as well as access to PhD courses covering a range of subject areas. 

The education and projects

Within the PhD education at our department, many projects commonly include data gathering through both field- and lab work. At the beginning of the PhD program, students develop their individual study plans together with their supervisors, which is a guide throughout the program. This plan is revised at least once a year. 


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