Discussion groups

Last changed: 02 February 2023
Tjarn meeting water

Within Nordic Nature Health Hub we have started discussion groups utilizing the learning platform Canvas. Please feel free to join a group and exchange experiences, share literature, discuss problems and learn more about the connection between animals, nature and human health!

Here we can discuss everything between heaven and earth relating to animals, nature and human health. It could be about forest bathing, recreation, wellness, animals and nature in therapy and rehabilitation, nature entrepreneurship, the nature of our childhood, research, etc. Yes, almost anything!

We have made two discussion groups; one specifically for nature entrepreneurship and one for more general discussions regarding anything related to animals, nature and health. 

The discussion groups are mainly in Swedish so far but you are most welcome write in English instead if you are more comforetable expressing yourself in that language. 




is a "learning platform", a website where various universities and colleges post their courses and "communication rooms". Our discussion groups have their own rooms under SLU´s Canvas.

To read and write in our discussion groups, you must therefore be logged in to Canvas AND also registered as a participant in the group!

If you do not already have a Canvas user account, you will be asked to register a new account when you sign up to join one of the groups. 
You can register a Canvas account free of charge. 

NOTE! your email address is used as your username in Canvas, be sure to write the correct address when registering!

For technical questions: elisabet.bohlin@slu.se