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Last changed: 03 April 2024
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The company currently offers homemade sourdough bread for sale, yoga and training services, short retreats, herb walks and cooking with wild plants, as well as lectures and courses on the beneficial effects of nature on humans. We are also building a small-scale vegetable farm according to permaculture principles without artificial fertilisers and pesticides. Respect for nature, people and the earth permeates all our activities.

The company was born out of a concrete desire to live a more sustainable life. Founders Magdalena Lindroos and Daniel Nissén have always felt strongly about nature, the environment and sustainability and together they founded the company in 2021.

- We thirsted for a life with a calm rhythm that encompassed more than just work and the demands of the consumer society. To get away from the destructive systems in society that wear out people, animals and nature. A life with a clean, healthy, prosperous earth to live on and where you can stop and admire the leafs in the trees, enjoy the wind on your skin and feel the grass under your feet, Magdalena explains

- We talked about being able to live a life where our passions are in balance and we have a sense of freedom and being able to manage our own time, Daniel continues.

Nature is an expert in helping us get there. By being in nature and connecting with it, we can understand so much about ourselves and heal both ourselves and others.

Therefore, nature is present in one way or another in everything that visitors can experience on our farm. The sourdough bread is baked with organic flour from the local area and baked as far as possible with solar electricity from our own solar panels or purchased wind electricity. WKråkvilan 1.jpge do yoga and exercise in synchronisation with the seasons and preferably outdoors to promote human contact with both nature and one's own body. Picking wild plants opens up new perspectives on the environment and what local food can be. Vegetable growing can serve as an inspiration for sustainable food production on a small scale, where we get mulch and fertiliser from neighbouring farms, we compost and make our own soil and use a lot of our own seeds.

At the same time, we are also in the middle of the process and let the construction of the company take its time; we are renovating our house and farm buildings into appropriate spaces with nature-friendly materials at a reasonable pace, the vegetable garden and garden are being built bit by bit and are far from finished. We continue to work part-time in our own fields: Lindroos in culture and Nissén as a journalist. The vision is to "be the change you want to see in the world" and to help both ourselves and our surroundings live in a healing, peaceful and harmonious way.

Text and photo: Magdalena Lindroos and Daniel Nissén


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