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Last changed: 08 April 2024
Red building Övermark bed and breakfast

Övermark Bed & Breakfast is located in a rural environment in Närpes. The wooden building has a long history as a hospital from 1929 until 1973, which has now been renovated and put into use as a Bed & Breakfast.






Interior hotel room

At Övermark Bed&Breakfast, guests can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep with views of the agricultural environment. The seasonal breakfast can be enjoyed outside on the lovely terrace in summer. As a guest, you can sit on the couch and read a book or play board games with those you travel with. You can also take part in the various activities in the village or enjoy the surrounding environment, perhaps the host couple can recommend a good mushroom spot or a ski track.

Owners Övermark B&BJohan and Sabina are the host couple who run the business, they felt that the building had the potential to function as a hostel or bed & breakfast style accommodation. We bought the property n 2017 and started our journey towards getting a pleasant bed & breakfast. The renovation was extensive and traces of the building's former function as a hospital have been renovated and painted in natural and calm tones to blend in with the surroundings and create calm.

Johan and Sabina have followed environmentally friendly principles during the renovation in order to preserve the building and follow environmental thinking also into the accommodation operations themselves. The whole family enjoys being in nature and appreciates all the changes in the seasons.

The couple both have training in sustainable development and this is also reflected in everyday life. Johan is a multi-tasking farmer, but also does contracts outside the farm. Enjoys experimenting with and in nature. Relaxes with hunting when the opportunity arises. Sabina likes to experiment in the kitchen and makes plans to create a garden around Övermark Bed & Breakfast. She hopes to be able to go out in the future to get vegetables, berries and fruit for the breakfast table.


Owners Övermark B&B



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