REGGAE - Boksjön slow adventure

Last changed: 08 April 2024

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In the picturesque valley of Boksjön, Hans and Erica lead a sustainable farming endeavor rooted in reuse and environmental consciousness. Their farm, built from recycled materials, offers visitors activities like skiing and hiking tours while sharing insights about the local nature reserve and cultural heritage. Guests can also experience traditional wood-burning bread baking and a refreshing winter dip in their lakeside sauna. Committed to community collaboration, their approach emphasizes recycling, sustainability, and a desire to inspire others toward a greener lifestyle.

The village of Boksjön is nestled in a valley with surrounding mountains along the long lake. For the couple Hans and Erica, it has always been obvious they wanted to manage the farm with a focus on sustainability and reuse.

 - Our experiences are based on our Västerbottensgård, which we moved from the coast and then rebuilt in our Boksjö paradise, says Erica.

All the farm's houses are constructed from recycled materials, and this will continue in future constructions as well.

 - Hans is a carpenter and handy with much more than wood. He can tell you about the area and life in the past and now. I myself have been active in various service professions and like to work with different textile techniques.

Visitors are welcome to join different activities, such as skiing and hiking tours. Erica and Hans are happy to share their knowledge about the Allemansrätt, the Vindelfjällen nature reserve and the cultural environments that are nearby.


- You are also welcome here to try baking soft flat bread in our wood-burning baker's hut. In addition, a wooden sauna awaits by the lake, where in winter we saw up a block of ice for a nice cold dip.

All activities take place in cooperation and consultation with the local community and the landowners.

 - Recycling and sustainability solutions are our watchwords. For example, we do not use disposable cups but drink from wooden cups during our excursions and have been composting and sorting at the source for over 30 years. Our aim is to make our lifestyle even more sustainable and we would like to convey this to everyone, concludes Erica. 




tel:+46703600975 (Erica)