Baby Grain Passport – Traceable and sustainable production of cereals for baby food

Last changed: 01 September 2023

Limits for heavy metals and mycotoxins are especially strict in cereals for baby food. In collaboration with Lantmännen, Agroväst Livsmedel och Dataväxt we develop tools for easier sourcing of the best grain, and for tracing selected batches from the farmers’ fields to baby food producer. We also develop agricultural decision support systems for farmers to improve the resource use efficiency of the crop production.

The project contributes to traceable, sustainable, safe and competitive production of wheat and oats for infant food in Sweden - from field to food producer. The goal is to develop the Baby Grain Passport concept and a prototype coherent information system for wheat and oats production aimed at infant food that will:

  • keep heavy metal and mycotoxin concentrations well below legislated threshold values,
  • minimize negative environmental and climate impact from the grain production,
  • increase traceability, and facilitate streamlining, along the grain-for-infants value chain.

BGP should enable increased production and better documentation, which means that cereal for baby food can become a more attractive export product. 


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International conferences 

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Note that numerous publications are outputs from cooperation with other projects.


Project name: Baby Grain Passport
Budget: 9.9 Miljoner kronor
Funder: Formas
Planned project period: 2019-2024 (June)


Kristin Persson
Department of soil and environment, SLU, +46 511-67222