Christina Lunner Kolstrup

Last changed: 21 April 2020
Christina Lunner Kolstrup

Interview with Christina Lunner Kolstrup, Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science (LTV) and global network coordinator.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
“My background is within animal husbandry, educated in Denmark. My research area is multidisciplinary and focuses on work environment, health, safety, and social sustainability among people working in the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally. I am head of department, researcher and teacher at the Department of work science, business economics and environmental psychology (AEM) at SLU in Alnarp.”

What is your experience from global development work?
“I am involved in the master’s programme Agroecology and have had extensive collaborations and exchanges with researchers, teachers and students in e.g. Uganda and Ethiopia, and with many of the Agroecology programme students from several low- and middle-income countries (including Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, Cameroon, Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Columbia, Syria, Iran , Iraq and China). I have also been involved in both research and education cooperation with low- and middle-income countries e.g. via AgCelerate, Linneaus Palme, a pilot project about and Erasmus+ mainly in Uganda and also started with Chile.”

How can you contribute to SLU´s global mission?
“I hope that with my experience and my great interest and commitment in working with low-income countries, will be able to contribute to a successful interdisciplinary global development for the benefit of SLU and for all employees and students at SLU, and this across institutions and faculties. I am fascinated by the collaboration and communication between people from different parts of the world and also from different parts of SLU working together towards a common goal. I see this as one of the most important success factors in solving our major common challenges for global sustainable food production and livelihood.”

Written by: Malin Planting, SLU


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