How to get to Umeå

Last changed: 11 October 2019

Welcome to the city of birches or Ubmeje - the Sami name of the city.

Large parts of the city burnt down in 1888 and as a consequence, the decision was made to plant birches to form a firebreak to prevent future similar disasters from happening.

The majestic Umeå river - runs through the city. The river is ca 470 km long and has its origin in the lake: Överuman in the Västerbotten mountains. The river is one of several large rivers in northern Sweden. 

Umeå as well as the vast parts of the counties of Norrbotten and Västerbotten belongs to both the Barents region and Sapmi - the historical settlement area for the Sami people in northern Europe. It is still common during winter time to find reindeer close to Umeå as they descend from the mountains to graze. 

The counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten - is rich in natural resources, particularly forests. The forest industry has a long tradition in the area with important production of paper-and pulp production, wood pellets and construction wood (like paneling). Within the area, there are production of wooden houses, construction wood, woodwork and furniture, as well as Europe's largest producer of corrugated board. In the area there are also manufacturing of forest-related techniqual equipment and a strong mineral industry. Three universities are also located in the area, two in Umeå and one in Luleå. 

Travel to Umeå

Fly in to Umeå Airport (with SASNorwegian or BRA).
Take the train (SJ) that stops at Campus, Östra Station.
Take the boat from Vaasa Finland and then a bus to downtown Umeå.

Getting around in Umeå

Campus is situated about half an hour walk from downtown Umeå

The bus company is called Ultra and please observe that you cannot pay cash on the bus. Use card, the Ultra vill mer app or visit their office at Vasaplan Umeå. All buses pass stop at Vasaplan (In close approximity to the Mimer Elite hotel). 

Nearly all buses facing the back of the Mimer Elite hotel pass the bus stop "Universum" which is the Campus stop. Buses 2, 5 and 8 also pass by "Växthuset" which is a bit closer to SLU. 

Housing in Umeå

There are mosly hotels in the city center, and hotels are pre-booked for the participants of the conference. More information

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