Climate Conversations – Now inviting associated events

Last changed: 13 March 2023

The Climate Conversations series at SLU aims to increase SLU’s scientific dialogue related to climate change. During 2021-2023, a number of scientific interdisciplinary seminars and dialogues are held within the series, in relation to the IPCC AR6 reports.

SLU Global and SLU’s four Future Platforms, which jointly host the Climate Conversations, now welcome SLU staff to list other initiatives with a strong climate change relevancy that involve researchers at SLU and potentially external stakeholders, as associated to the Climate Conversations.

What types of initiatives can be listed?

Any type of event or call (e.g. webinars, workshops, calls for participation) can be listed under Climate Conversations if they meet the criteria that: 1) the initiative is scientific in nature, 2) has a clear climate change relevancy, and 3) at least one SLU staff member holds a prominent role in its organisation and/or delivery.

Why list?

By listing your event as a Climate Conversation associated event you will contribute to SLU’s joint scientific conversation about climate change, increase awareness of your event and the research it relates to, and you may also inspire colleagues to take further steps in their efforts for improved climate change science.  

How to apply for listing?

To submit your application, please fill in the form below. We will receive and approve eligible applications continuously.



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