Jonas Johansson Wensman

Last changed: 22 March 2021
Jonas Johansson Wensman

Interview with Jonas Johansson Wensman, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science (VH) and global network coordinator.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
“I am a veterinarian with a special interest in infectious diseases, that has lead to a PhD in virology. My current research is focusing on improving animal health for a sustainable livestock production in Sweden (dairy cattle and goats, reindeer) and sub-Saharan Africa (sheep and goats).”

What is your experience from global development work?
“I have done research mainly in Tanzania and Zambia. I am coordinating SLU’s part of a training programme targeting professionals in the food value chain in Sub-Saharan Africa, as well as a teacher and student exchange with University of Zambia. Also, I am evaluating MFS (Minor Field Study) applications, a scholarship programme financed by SIDA with the possibility to collect data in a low-income country for a thesis at Bachelor's or Master's level.”

How can you contribute to SLU´s global mission?
“I hope to increase the interest among researchers and students at SLU to work with issues of importance for global development together with colleagues in low- and middle-income countries. I also wish to increase the awareness of SLU’s global work, internally and externally.”


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The coordinators work on behalf of SLU Global to strengthen contact between researchers and other personnel at the various faculties. They also support the work of running SLU's internal global network.

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