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Last changed: 09 March 2021
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We are happy to arrange an activity just for your class, either in the classroom or digitally and of course free of charge. We are open to suggestions but activities that we can already arrange are ...


An interactive exercise that should be done on site in the classroom where we work together all day with sustainable development. It is about learning to set goals, create projects and initiatives. Through the exercise, we gain an increased understanding of the UN's goals for sustainable development.

Subject: Sustainability

Time required: full day.

Where: On site in the classroom or digitally

Sanitary games: 

Students of 4 or 8 people per group play a board game as a way to think about questions about cycles and sanitation planning with recycling of nutritional resources.

Subject: Cycles

Time required: approx. 3h

Where: On site in the classroom or digitally

The world is unequal:

After a short exercise with fruits where the class is divided into continents, we begin the discussion about food supply, distribution, waste, and how different it looks around the world.

Subject: Food supply

Time required: 1.5-2h

Where: On site in the classroom or digitally


We try to adapt the topic to your needs, but of course linked to food security and you can take part in the latest research. Primarily digital, but can also be done on site.

Subject: Food safety

Time required: 30min-2h.

Where: On site in the classroom or digitally


We are open to your suggestions - get in touch with!

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For more information please contact one of the coordinators on e-mail:

Anna-Klara Lindeborg (Uppsala region):
Telephone: +46-(0)730-88 64 47

Kristina Karlsson Green (Skåne region): 
Telephone: +46-(0)40-41 53 02

Elisabeth Nyström (Umeå Region):
Telephone: +46(0)90-786 82 38