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Activities with SLU Youth Institute

We are happy to arrange an activity just for your class, either in the classroom or digitally and of course free of charge. We are open to suggestions but activities that we can already arrange are ...

Feed - a food system podcast

Feed is a podcast that explores the evidence, worldviews, and values that people bring to global food system debates. Produced by SLU, University of Oxford and

New cook book!

Hungry? Maybe you can find some delicious recipies in this book! Or else it might inspire you writing your Global Challenge.

Goal compass (Swe)

The Goal Compass is the game that tests your knowledge of the situation in the world while you learn more about how things are going for the Global Goals. How well does your goal compass fit?

SDG 2 zero hunger, logo

How can we end global hunger? (Swe)

SciFest Lärarkväll (Swe)

This is how you write your Global Challenge

Here you will find information on how to write your Global Challenge and inspiration for different subject areas your thesis can be about.

Launch of SLU Youth Institute!

SLU Youth Institute pilot

The Swedish FAO Committee

The Swedish FAO Committee was created in 1950 to help the government in the work of secure food supply for all people in the world. They work for global development and preserved biodiversity in the areas of agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

Food systems summit x Sustainabe Development Goals!

"Sustainable food systems don’t just help to end hunger. They can help the world achieve critical progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals." - United Nations

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For more information please contact any of the coordinators:

E-mail: youthinstitute@slu.se

Anna-Klara Lindeborg (Uppsala):
Telephone: +46-(0)706-95 96 65

Elisabeth Nyström (Umeå Region):
Telephone: +46(0)90-786 82 38

Kristina Karlsson Green (Lund/Malmö):
Telephone: +46-(0)40-41 53 02