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We offer education and courses for those who are interested in fish, fishery, marine biology, limnology (freshwater biology) and aquatic ecology. We provide several courses within SLU’s basic education (for a BSc or MSc) and graduate education (for a PhD) in environmental analysis and biology, specialising in ecology.

Basic and advanced education at SLU Aqua

Are you interested in environmental and sustainability issues and want to learn more about conservation and use of our seas, lakes and watercourses?

Our basic level course, ”Where have all the fishes gone? Sustainability perspectives on contemporary fisheries”, provides a broad overview of current and future challenges for sustainable fisheries.

Our advanced level courses ”Ecology for fish management and conservation” and ”Principles of fisheries science” receive high ratings from our students.  The two courses can preferably be taken together. In combination with one thesis project, they cover one whole academic year of fish studies.

Published: 08 September 2022 - Page editor: teresa.soler@slu.se

Department of Aquatic Resources (SLU Aqua)

Head of Department: Noél Holmgren, +46 10-478 40 93
Vice Head of Department: Sara Bergek, +46 10-478 41 14

Delivery address: Department of Aquatic Resources, SLU, Turistgatan 5, SE-453 30 Lysekil, Sweden